This archive makes available to the Slavic Studies community the extensive bibliography and full-text copies of publications collected by Peter Grzybek and his colleagues over some 20 years as part of their work on the Quantitative Text Analysis (QuanTa) project at the University of Graz, Austria, which he initiated and directed. The present online version of this material is dedicated to his memory, in gratitude for his academic contribution and his friendship.

Using the above menu, the archive can be searched by author, editor, and year of publication. The result in all cases is a list of bibliographic entries with, where available, a link to the corresponding full text, which may be freely downloaded. For the year search the full four digits are required. For the author / editor search only a single surname should be entered. In the case of multiple authors a maximum of three is included in the database search; if there is no result for one author, try another. Names are case-sensitive. Finally, the Directory menu item returns a complete bibliographic list of the archive's contents.

The design and creation of the archive was generously supported by the steadfastness, patience, and precision of numerous volunteers. In particular we would like to mention Veronika Schmid (formerly Koch), Nino Auer, Bianca Sieberer and Karolina Wieserov√°.

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